Personnel Announcement – HR Organizational Changes
人事通告 —— 人力资源组织架构变化

With the constant demand to be the best sports brand in China, we need to continually stay ahead of the game. The continued success of the adidas Group will be contingent on the quality of the people that comprise our organization. In the context of our Global Talent organization revitalization, we are pleased to announce that the Talent Management team, Learning team and Own Retail Training team for China will be re-integrated to the China HR organization with immediate effect, under the leadership of Hans Xin, VP, Human Resources & Admin, to deliver greater collaboration, better aligned processes, faster decision-making and increased efficiency in servicing our business partners.

成为中国最佳运动品牌是我们不变的追求,因此需要我们始终保持领先。阿迪达斯集团的持续成功取决于人才的培养­和发展。随着总部人才发展团队架构的调整,我们很高兴地宣布,原总部职能部门下属的人才管理团队、培训团队以­及零售自营培训团队将回归中国区人力资源部门,即时生效。这些部门将在人力资源及行政副总裁Hans Xin的带领­下,与我们的业务合作伙伴进行更好的协作,优化流程,加速决策,进一步提升工作效率。

In a matrix organization like ours, it is crucial to have a strong function to build a world-class group of individuals empowered to work with our leaders to deliver ‘Creating the New’. With this in mind, we are very excited to have a newly created role of Director, Talent Partnering, reporting directly to Hans. The purpose of the role is to deliver and execute our talent strategy as well as the core talent programs and services in order to foster people development and support their growth paths. Reporting into Director, Talent Partnering are Dorothy Liu, Senior Manager, Talent Management and Lisa Sun, Senior Manager, Learning. Meanwhile, we will create a new function called Retail Academy within the HR organization. The Own Retail Training team will be part of the Retail Academy function. More details on the organizational set-up will be shared in the coming months. During the transition phase and until the respective open leadership roles are filled, Hans will oversee both the Talent Partnering team and Own Retail Training team, and the current team leaders will continue in their current roles within the current set-up.

在我们如此多样化的组织架构中,我们需要一个强有力的职能部门来为我们打造一支顶尖团队,来协助我们的管理层­实现2020“立新”战略。因此,我们将新增人才发展总监这一职位,直接汇报给Hans,该职位的任务是制定和执行人­才战略,通过核心人才发展项目来培育和支持公司员工的发展。人才管理高级经理Dorothy Liu和培训高级经理Lisa Sun将向该人才发展总监汇报。同时,我们将在人力资源部的架构下组建一个新的部门——零售学院,零售自营培训­团队将成为其一部分,更多有关零售学院架构和职能设置的细节将在未来几个月内与大家分享。在这两个部门相关负­责人任命前的过渡阶段,Hans将直接管理人才发展部门和零售自营培训团队,保持现有职能设置不变。

We are certain that these changes will make a difference for our HR organization and for the company as a whole by enabling the new strategic direction and aspirations, delivering the best HR strategies and initiatives as well as supporting our employees and our leaders with a consistent portfolio of HR solutions and consulting.


Please join us in wishing the new organization all the success in their new roles.


Colin Currie
Managing Director
adidas Group Greater China
Hans Xin
VP, HR & Admin
adidas Group Greater China
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